A Note of Gratitude

Good Morning and Happy PREDESTINED Release Day! I couldn’t be happier and more excited to share my heart and bare my soul to you guys. What a ride this has been, was a journey I have embarked on, what an overall wonderful experience. 

Life comes with highs and lows and this is definitely one of my highest highs, so I want to make sure to take the time and share the individual contributions with all the fans. 

First and foremost, I must thank my parents. For their patience, kindness, and grace...they have always stood by me, supported me and my dreams, and encouraged me to pursue my heart’s deepest desires. They helped cultivate and nurture my love for the arts, for creativity, for music...and I couldn’t be more grateful. Mom, you’re my number one fan and I love you for that. Dad, you’re my first and favorite writing partner and I will always cherish that. 

A huge thank you to Randy Merrill, Mr. Golden Ears himself, for bringing every ounce of these songs to life and recognizing each individual vision on this album. I’m always amazed by you and grateful to have the opportunity to work with you! 

To the dedicated team at Symphonic Distribution, thank you thank you thank you for always answering my questions, giving me the tools to prepare and promote as much as I can as an independent artist, and believing in my music. 

To James at IMP, for helping me promote this album and get it exposure. I’m blown away by the radio play it’s gotten ahead of the release around the world and the reviews thus far. Thank you for believing in me and this project. 

To Deborah and Heather, for helping me create a truly iconic album cover that I am absolutely obsessed with. People have mentioned it’s value in articles and DMs; we nailed it girls! 

To my forever friend, Madi, for digitally designing the album cover and my logo...it is everything I dreamed and more! 

To Alfred and Alexis, for helping me put together an AMAZING album promo shoot. The photos were absolutely stunning and I’m so blessed to have been able to work with you both on a project so near and dear to my heart. 

To Kevin and the Lost Souls Music Video Team, I’m so beyond grateful for all the hard work and creativity we jammed into that shoot. The vibes were immaculate and I can’t wait to share our video with the world. 

To all the journalists, bloggers, music critics, and radio jockeys, I am endlessly grateful for the role you’ve played not only in getting ears to listen this record, but also getting hearts to be open to it. 

And again, to all the fans, you breathe inspiration and life into me. I love you and I appreciate you! Let’s keep building onward and upward together 😉✨ 


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