Her Story

Kaleigh breathes, sleeps, and eats...music, acting, and writing. She's young, but already has so much to tell through her lyrics, stage presence, and stories. She lives in a decent sized town outside of Los Angeles and awaits her turn to step out onto the big stage. With a budding career in the music and film industries, she can't wait to share all she has to offer. Her music doesn't fit into one genre nor does her music taste. Just as she listens to all different genres of tunes, she writes in all different styles of music. Her acting capabilities have a distinct range as well...She's grown up with a diverse taste in movies and television shows, which directly impacts her acting skills. Hollywood watch out...she's been patiently waiting for a long time. 

Since infancy, Kaleigh has had a deep interest in music and acting. Whether it was evident in the way she sang Britney Spears' "Stronger" on the family's coffee table, belted out the Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" ballad, or took the audience's breath away as Mrs. Potts in a theatre production of Beauty and the Beast. Ever since she displayed an interest in music and film careers, her father, Gary Krause and mother, Sharon Krause, goaded her to "Practice, Practice, Practice!" Soon enough, she was off to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City and Disneyland in Anaheim with her middle school choir directed by Grammy Award nominated, Kathy Rohrs. During her early years in school, Kaleigh also crafted her acting skills by performing in numerous theatrical plays such as Beauty and the Beast directed by Broadway actor and director, Ray Saar. She continues to follow her dreams and craft her skills today with the help of her parents and many other supporters such as her vocal coach, Kathy Babylon, her acting coach, Christinna Chauncey, her manager, Wendy Peldon, her commercial agent, Lawrence Har, and her print agent, Blake Viglione. Kaleigh wants her music and acting to touch lives and inspire others. She loves the adrenaline rush from performing in front of a crowd, the work that goes into making a script come alive, and the positive energy that surrounds pure music making.

At the moment, Kaleigh is a junior year English major at UCLA working hard to obtain her BA while paralleling her budding career in entertainment. In the near future, she plans to keep expanding her career within the entertainment industry as well as apply to graduate school. You may have seen her as  "Sasha" in ABC's hit television show Speechless with Minnie Driver or as "Jessica" in NBC's hit television show The Good Place with Kristen Bell.  She also continues to write new music as often as she can and wishes to begin performing more live shows and spread her music and her message throughout the world. She thanks all of her supporters, the only people who make her dream a reality. Please visit the contact page for all information regarding business inquiries. Make sure to watch out for upcoming music and film releases and sign up for Kaleigh's mailing list!