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Hello Lovelies, 

Just wanted to chime in and give you all an update on the things I've been up to lately. After releasing the new single, I dove into my Junior year of high school and I've been busy busy busy ever since. It's almost like living a double life between work and school, but it makes for an incredibly interesting ride. Lately, besides starting school I have been working on more music, modeling in photo shoot (photos coming soon!), and auditioning like crazy! I can't wait to get you guys some more stuff to check out! For now, please check out the new Famous Footwear commercial I'm in (if you haven't already seen it), and check out this lovely article that was written about me in the Acorn Newspaper. 


5...4...3...2...1! Happy New (School) Year! 

Agoura High Junior Shoots for the Stars

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