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Long time no blog! Here is what is new in the wonderful world of music for me...I just dropped a new Remix edition of my song Holly Golightly along with a music video on my YouTube channel. The remix single will be available for purchase on iTunes shortly and I will post that link for you guys as soon as possible. ALSO, I am launching an Indiegogo campaign within the coming week for a "New Perspective" Music Video so please be sure to share that link (which I will also post as soon as it launches) and tell all your friends so we can get the project funded. I am so excited to get all of this new material out to you guys and there is even more to come. I am coming to the close of my junior year of high school and my pilot season in the television industry soo...I am planning on getting back in the studio full time as soon as possible to finish recording some new music that I have been working on. Thank you guys so much for being patient and staying loyal, eventually...I will get a handle on this social media/blogging deal! Much love and appreciation for you all!

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